About Soccer Strength Kelowna

Soccer Strength Kelowna was formed on the back of a love for the game, and a love for coaching. It all started when I was growing up with a high-level football academy, back in England. Then after playing at a high level in senior football, and coaching young kids along the way, I went to university to do my coaching & sports development degree.

I then suffered a bad injury to my knee and had a long rehab back to playing again. This taught me to trust the process, and it was also my first real introduction to the strength & conditioning world, as my rehab with the physios, involved a lot of S & C training.

Starting in Canada

I then came over to Canada to be a ski instructor/coach, at Big White Ski Resort. Which I spent 7 years/seasons doing, and loved every minute of it. This taught me that the foundations are the most important part of anything you do.

If I was teaching a young child how to ski, I wouldn't go straight into parallel (French fries haha) skiing, I would spend a long time on the very basics. This has transferred over to my job as a strength & conditioning coach today. It also taught me how to speak to people, and to be confident in what I say, as people will listen.

(photo: Coach Harry at the Canadian Sports Institute - Calgary, with Canadian Womens National Soccer Team goalkeeper - Stephani Labbé)

Creating Soccer Strength Kelowna

I then went on to do a college course at Okanagan College, Kelowna Campus, through the Canadian Fitness Education Service (CFES), this allowed me to train people in Canada. I still play soccer today, for a local high level amateur club in Kelowna, Okanagan FC. And I train kids from all the local Okanagan clubs.
I have a real passion for helping youth & adults hit their goals. Whether it be in the game I love, or just seeing them carry their ruck sack on the weekend hike, the whole distance.

So that is what Soccer Strength Kelowna is founded on, a passion and a love for coaching, a love for the game, and a strong belief that I can help my clients hit every goal they aim for. Having a trust in the process, and a commitment to you, the client.

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