Imagine being able to play the game you love at your highest level.
Soccer Strength Kelowna provides top-quality training to help you take your health to the next level.
Pricing (S&C - PT)

1 day per week $294 monthly (+GST)
2 days $440 monthly((+GST) 
3 days $600 monthly (+GST) 

*bi-weekly pricing available on request

This includes access to the gym, programming 3-5 days per week, strategy session, movement screen, baseline testing, access to the TrueCoach app, In-person training, access to the gym community, events, etc

Online Coaching Pricing

$150 per month - 3-5 days of programming, 1 zoom check-in per month, strategy session, baseline testing, access to the TrainHeroic app.

*bi-weekly pricing available on request

Team/Club S&C Pricing
We have flexible plans & pricing for every team & club. Please Contact Coach Harry to find out more.
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TrainHeroic is not just a software company. We’re a human performance company. We exist to help you Be Your Best.

At SSK we want to give you, the client, the best opportunity to succeed. That is why we use TrainHeroic for all of our programming needs.

TrainHeroic grew out of a simple belief: We’re put here on earth to unlock the Hero that lies within. We aren’t for those that settle. We’re for the obsessed. The crazy ones. The wired. Those willing to suffer for a greater goal. We are for the Committed!

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TrainHeroic is the free, fast, intuitive app that lets you define your goals and chase athletic greatness on your own terms. Use the ultimate strength nerd tools to create your own programming, track your progress, celebrate PRs, and get insights on metrics like stress and recovery.

Data for the modern athlete.

We are tech-forward fitness training, bringing performance to the people.

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UBCO Heat Women's Soccer
SSK is proud to be their S&C and Goalkeeping Coach

Soccer Strength Kelowna now work's with the girls, on the field 3 times per week, and in the gym 2 times per week.

While working alongside the UBCO S&C staff, Jeff Thorburn and Kevin Phillips, to deliver all of their programming.

UBCO Womens Soccer
Goalkeeper Training
I approach this like I do all my coaching, I want to develop fantastic goalkeepers and, most importantly, even better people.

Only available in Kelowna and Okanagan area.

I want to help you take the next step in your career. Whether you are a girl, boy, 10 years old, 40 years old, pro or house league. It doesn't matter, if you want to get better in this position, I can help. 1 on 1 or group sessions available.

Coach Harry has a vast knowledge & experience of the game & position, along with taking several goalkeeper specific coaching badges to back up that knowledge. Scottish FA Level GK Course 1.2 & 1.3, BC Soccer C Licence, and FA Level 1.

Along with his work with the UBCO womens goalkeepers, I hve also helped several local youth goalkeepers develop. This is a new area of my business, and I look forward to working with even more local goalkeepers in the near future. I am also a part of the United Goalkeeper Alliance (UGKA), which emphasizes a goalkeeper culture while supporting goalkeepers around the world through every stage of their development.

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